Meanwhile, you’ll ...

clink champagne glasses with your best friends dance hand-in-hand with your favorite people.

And then ...
catch every word of well wishes and stories shared by those who love you most and relive it all anytime you want through film

You deserve to experience the full magic of this once-in-a- lifetime event.
But it’s impossible to be everywhere, with everyone, at once. And the pressure to fully enjoy your wedding in the moment can be almost as stressful as planning it.

You’ve spent countless hours planning every detail— from the petals in your bouquet to the carefully-chosen words in your wedding vows.

Don’t miss a single meaningful moment of your big day.

That’s where we come in...

Let us record the memories, so you can live them instead

We’ll capture your wedding's essence emotions and can’t-miss moments to craft a powerful film that tells your whole story.

“The memories you captured on our wedding day will be cherished for a lifetime. Every time my husband and I rewatch the video you made for us, we’re reminded of our vows. Every moment was expertly captured and edited together beautifully.”

- Yoomi

30-40 hours of editing are behind every film we produce. After your wedding, we’ll get to work editing and craft a compelling, story- driven narrative of your day. You’ll receive your completed film 1-3 months after your wedding day to cherish forevermore.

craft & Deliver


We'll arrive 30-minutes early to your wedding to discreetly set up our equipment. Throughout the day, we’ll capture big and small moments as they unfold. We’re spectators not directors, so we’ll only intervene to provide feedback when absolutely necessary.



Guided by our comprehensive client questionnaire, you’ll share your vision for your wedding film, including anything you’d like us to pay special attention to and the feelings you’d like your film to transmit.



Reach out to us via our contact form to schedule a Zoom call to chat. If we’re a match, we’ll send over a proposal after the call containing available package options for you to choose from. You’ll pay a retainer fee of 1/3 of the total package price, and we’ll mark your big day in our calendar.



There are no take twos in love or in life

Here’s how we make sure we get it right the first time:

“My wife, then fiancé, and I were so worried about how awkward we would be in front of the camera, but Jimmy was great at helping us break out of our shells and reminding us to just be us.”

- Danny

When the cake’s been eaten and the dress is back in the
 box, how will you remember the day you planned in meticulous detail?

Let’s film a love story for the ages.

tell me your Story!

The Short Film

The Documentary